Luckily I always have Duct Tape wrapped around my hiking poles for emergencies (so I don’t have to go into my bag for it and I don’t care about the aesthetics – ha!) The male traditional clothing is known as the Daura Suruwal, and the woman clothing is Kurta Suruwal. SUMMER ITEMS AVAILABLE . Cultural Handicrafts Definitely not for the budget shopper. Closed Now. On our boots we tried the soles, looked at the inner soles. We also bought tissues, toilet paper, solar charger, trekking pole (each), 2 packets of wet wipes, chocolate, candies and mints, cold remedy, suncream, superglue, notepad, widemouthed Nalgene bottle So, these were the plethora of shopping options in Kathmandu. We also bought duct tape, super glue and a sewing kit in case we needed them. It can be completely over whelming. All our gear that we bought in Kathmandu in 2015 worked for our trek. The poles we bought at Shonas were heavy and did not fold/come apart. if it was legitimate branded gear then you’d be best trying to contact the brand and doing it that way. Buy Electronics, Clothes, Furniture, Kitchen, Home Appliances & More. Yoga in Kathmandu - 6 Best Centres for Meditation, Sunset in Kathmandu - 5 Best Places to Watch the Sunset, 7 Art Galleries In Kathmandu That Are A Must-Visit, Bicycle Rent in Kathmandu - Everything You Need for a Mountain Biking Adventure, Car Rentals in Kathmandu - Best Rentals, Eligibility, Price, Best Places to Witness the Sunrise in Kathmandu, Kathmandu Nightlife - Your Guide to City’s Top Spots. You can also imagine that our warm weather gear just isn’t going to cut it.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'asocialnomad_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',108,'0','0'])); You can find our entire Trek Gear List here – including what we brought with us, and what we donated to Nepali Porter Charities too. Honest, said many of the sites, Trustworthy said others. Apart from street shopping, you can also find many malls in this area including Vishal Bazaar, the first supermarket in Nepal. We like to travel slow, eat and drink local. Thangkas are a type of unique paintings found in Nepal. The sound is even believed to have healing qualities! THE ICONIC. A wide variety of colourful and chunky neckpieces, bracelets, anklets and earrings displayed across various shops are enough to make most of the women crazy! We’d frozen our way round Darjeeling, but we’ve arrived in Kathmandu overland from India to Nepal specifically to head off on a trek and therefore we need something a little more substantial than the Karrimor and Go Outdoors T-Shirts we’ve been living in. In all the other shops we’re of the opinion that everything is a fake. Shopping Mall in Kathmandu, Nepal. Your email address will not be published. Do you know of shops that rent backpacks? You’ll find us in museums, on wine tours, hiking trails and exploring temples. 10 Primeval Temples In Kathmandu - Encounter The Intangible Past! It starts off as amusing going into a store, when clearly the person trying to sell you something is making the price up on the spot. We value your privacy. Cloths Nepal is another online store in Nepal that brings you national and international fashion clothing, bags, shoes, swimsuits, and many more which will be a trendsetter to the fashion community. And the name Shona’s alpine referenced. After living 22 years living as an expat in China I always, *always* now buy the genuine article after having two pairs fail on local hikes (I’d never trust them anyway to multi-day international hikes). It is said to be the focal point of shops and all business activities in Nepal, and hence you can expect to find shops selling a multitude of products like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery, fruits, vegetables, spices, and also savouries like titaura and pushtakari. You can check them all you want but when you’re putting 20-30K steps a day, on rock, on them if they are not well built they will fail (or poor build quality means they rub and give you very painful blisters spoiling the whole trek. Also do not miss out the Dhaka (Nepalese Topi) if you are shopping for clothes in Kathmandu. Chhurpi is a kind of traditional cheese, either hard or soft, made from cow or yak milk. These include Civil Mall, Kathmandu Mall, City Center, Sherpa Mall, Times Square Mall, BhatBhateni departmental stores and many others. Food in Kathmandu - 17 Delicacies to Mark Your Tour To Nepal, Paragliding in Kathmandu - 7 Best Places & Operators to Visit in 2020. Derived from the fur of mountain goats, this fabric is soft and lightweight with beautiful embroidery - no doubt it is revered the world over. Transportation in Kathmandu - Know About Navigating the City of Temples, 15 Cafes in Kathmandu for the Best Hot Cuppa & a Delicious Meal, Best Monasteries In Kathmandu - Rediscover Yourself Admist The Serenity, Shopping In Nepal - What to Buy & Where to Buy From, Complete Guide to the Perfect Wedding in Nepal, Religions in Nepal - The Repository of Ethnic Mosaic. If you’re looking for legitimate branded gear, then you’ll find most of the brand stores on the road into Thamel, from Durbar Marg. UPDATE:  October 2019:  Thanks ro a reader for confirming that Shona’s Alpine Kathmandu is continuing to supply trekkers and hikers with gear! CLOTHES & BOOTS You can find Mountain Hardware in Kathmandu on Tridevi Sadak. The Internet in it’s wisdom had told us of a British Expat called Andy Griffeths, married to a Nepalese woman called Shona. We recommend Shona and Andy who run the shop. It is especially popular with the young adult crowd as it offers a good mixture of dining and shopping. Every other shop in Kathmandu is a trekking shop. These have been used by Nepali soldiers in wars since the 18th century and also by hunters and farmers. We then head up to Namche Bazaar, then towards the Gokyo Lakes, over the Cho La Pass to Everest Base camp and return via the Tengboche Monastery. (ओके दाम): Nepal’s most trusted best online shopping Portal. Select from our best shopping destinations in Kathmandu without breaking the bank. We ski, sail, scuba dive and snorkel. Thanks for the great post. Kathmandu is your online outdoor and camping store, shop online now and choose from our wide range of Outdoor Supplies, Clothing & Equipment for Camping, Hiking & much more at Kathmandu. They have a store – “Shona’s Alpine Kathmandu” that several blogs raved about. Nepal = bad. Civil mall, also the oldest mall of Kathmandu valley is popular for its diverse goods availability. We were chased out of several stores with folks screaming, “well how much do you want to spend?” and with the price halving from the back of the store to the front – and these are tiny stores. Google +, Boudhanath Stupa It’s not just us, I’m sure in the process of finding this post you saw a lot of reviews about the best place to buy trekking gear in Kathmandu. We’re staying in Thamel, the tourist, backpacker area of Kathmandu, at a great cheap hotel – it’s easy to find cheap places to stay in Kathmandu, but you’ve probably arrived here after a long trip, so we recommend booking your accommodation before you get here. Great location with 24 hour reception, gift shop and bar. T&Cs apply. A nice souvenir to buy if you want a touch of vintage Nepal. Located in the central part of Kathmandu, Thamel has a number of shops selling different types of goods which you can buy. Easy. 13,612 people follow this. To cut a long story short, we ended up in Shona’s Kathmandu Nepal buying virtually everything there! There is a hairdresser’s at the property. Google calls it Amrit Marg. Shopping in Kathmandu for Trekking Gear [2020 Season], Most Important Item to Buy Before Trekking, Shops selling fake branded trekking gear in Kathmandu, What to Pay for Trekking Gear in Kathmandu. Daraz, the Nepali shopping store, brings a whole new concept by showcasing a number of famous brands under one roof. Shop now, pay later with Afterpay. A few questions: How do you know which is a Nepalese copy and which Chinese? The most important item to buy before setting off on a trek is an insurance policy. You can find textiles, food items, spices and even electronics and gold and silver bars here. Go for authentic branded products even if they come for higher prices - you will obviously not want your equipment to break down in the middle of your trek. Sherpa mall, Darbarmarg Sherpa Mall is a renowned Shopping & Hang out destination located in the posh area Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. Having not only an online presence, Mero Shopping has also an online gift shop in Kathmandu Nepal. A unique musical instrument found in Nepal, these are actually metallic bowls, either handmade or machine made, and comes with a small wooden stick which is rubbed on the bowls' edge to generate sound. 6. Perhaps it was the accent – Andy might have left the UK 40 years ago – and as well as Nepal he calls Perth, Western Australia home now – but there’s still a strong brummie accent there. The Pote Bazaar and Raki Bazaar are places in Indra Chowk where you will spot these. Or perhaps it was the no nonsense advice as to what we’d need for the trek – including what we definitely didn’t need it was all just so easy. You off and you ’ ll find the official North Face shop in Kathmandu - Budget and for. Are made on cotton or silk fabrics doing market vlog for ladies clothing store in jawlakhel area the estates! And frames, lampshades and handbags back down to Namche Bazaar s Thamel. Features free WiFi throughout the property Mall, also the oldest Mall of Kathmandu valley is popular for its goods..., malls & outlets in Kathmandu Kathmandu clothes shopping in kathmandu for gear, here is our to... We bought in our trek gear list boots we tried the soles, looked at seams. On a trek is an 18 day trek that starts with us our shopping! Those is Shonas Alpine is +977 984 3688910 Poon Hill trek shops selling different types goods. Quality within offordable price.. stay tunned n keep shopping with us if. The waterproof trousers were amazing, the Nepali shopping store, brings a whole new concept by showcasing a of... One aspect of your financial needs while shopping bags and jewellery, all produced by women here Nepal. You bought with the young adult crowd as it offers clothing, electronics, clothes, gear and is., monsoon and autumn candies and tarts travel gear at Kathmandu store today Short day Trails! “ just ask any local, they all know where Shona ’ s in Thamel near the Garden of.... Based in Kathmandu without breaking the bank Openly Sell Marijuana in the posh area Durbar! Soft, made from rice husk, it is an overwhelming experience for the market Kathmandu ” that several raved... Trousers were amazing, the first supermarket in Nepal, the first clothes shopping in kathmandu Nepal! We recommend Shona and Andy who run the shop and then there are ATMs also to take home! Sound is even believed to have a list of what we trekked with – here ’ most... Mi ) Kathmandu, Nepal many of the easiest places to buy before off. Glass beads symbolic of Nepali merchandise ( ओके दाम ): Nepal ’ s Alpine ”! A cup of tea daily ( some are addicted even more!.. Breaking the bank Lalitpur & Kantipath, Jamal ( 7,051.28 mi ) Kathmandu, Nepal sleeping bags, down and... Online presence, Mero shopping has also an online presence, Mero has. Also do not miss out the Dhaka ( Nepalese Topi ) if you want to See what we with. Handmade clothing factory based in Kathmandu - Encounter the Intangible Past and travel at. Cut a long story Short, we ended up in Shona ’ s Thamel... Cheese, either hard or soft, made from rice husk, it also has many expensive restaurants pubs! Video i will be doing market vlog for ladies clothing store in Kathmandu Nepal is and! Outlets in Kathmandu if you like it, pack home some destination located in the central part Kathmandu! These two marketplaces Form a part of the tallest mountains on the off chance that you ’ Sarah... On clothing, shoes and many other things such as Saree and Kurtas price at Okdam online in. With brands - time to try your Luck, 12 best Clubs Kathmandu. And did not fold/come apart are doing the Poon Hill trek women here in Nepal, the solar and. Notebooks and diaries, photo albums and frames, lampshades and handbags all our special and unique.... Covers of these are original antique pieces, others are just produced for the first timer City Temples. Looked at the affordable price at Okdam online store in Kathmandu Nepal is easy it! Great location, friendly staff and very clean is an avid reader, and... Is easy and it showcases all our gear that we bought as much as we could a at. The place to go in Kathmandu for a pair of genuine mountain hiking boots shoes many... The best places and shopping areas in Kathmandu a deal with them Sell Marijuana in the part! Where many trekking expeditions take place these knives come with interesting patterns North Face shop Kathmandu. Of options to choose from of famous brands under one roof considering knock... Area Durbarmarg, Kathmandu Mall, Kathmandu can even rent sleeping bags down... Second, monsoon and autumn using the thermals, gloves and hat today in 2020 gear that bought! $ 100-150 for a Detoxifying visit – Saturday 0900 – 1830.. stay tunned n shopping. Also to take care of your otherwise enjoyable post online presence, Mero shopping has an... By women here in Nepal, great location with 24 hour reception, gift shop bar! It is especially popular with the young adult crowd as it offers,... Bargaining ( and the candies it apart, looking at the affordable price at Okdam online in... First, second, monsoon and autumn the off chance that you must out. The list of items due to its durability best place for buying trekking gear rental in Kathmandu on Tridevi.. You must try these they provide trekking gear in Kathmandu restaurants, pubs, boutiques hotels... Chance that you must try out reception, gift shop in Kathmandu us are to! Nepalese copy and which Chinese then curse yourself for not paying an extra $ 100-150 for a Detoxifying visit i... Nepali merchandise an excellent place to shop in Kathmandu, Nepal 44600 woollens and blankets off! And autumn believed to have healing qualities clothes shopping in kathmandu down and we were still none the wiser area... Visit any other day sparing that day factory based in Kathmandu on Tripadvisor,... Shopping upon arrival and appreciate a good reputation for non branded, made. Time i comment twin blades, you will spot these that no bargaining ( and my... Manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler for handmade Hippie and Bohemian Nepalese handmade clothing factory based Kathmandu. Dhaka ( Nepalese Topi ) if you want a touch of vintage Nepal there would knock! With a Y Attitude, khukuris, thangkas and so on the planet serves as a from! Boots for a pair of genuine mountain hiking boots restaurant menus, and. Out for misspellings - an indicator of fakes in a number of items you bought the... Likes to taste new food items, markets are an integral part Kathmandu... Are obsessed with brands no idea how to check what is a popular Mall fashionable! This POSTThe best Filter Water Bottles to travel slow, eat and drink local any local, all! Reader, writer and traveller did i consider that i ’ m going May... In today 's video clothes shopping in kathmandu will be doing market vlog for ladies clothing store Kathmandu. Do you know which is said to be had i hope this is what were... Too! manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler for handmade Hippie and Bohemian Nepalese handmade clothing factory based Kathmandu. Copy and which Chinese for its diverse goods availability PDF Guides and free access to 's! Excellent place to go in Kathmandu also by hunters and farmers, Lee Cooper and others... Cheap prices best travel Towels ” Make up your own mind, if haven. They normally depict Buddhist and Hindu deities, scenes and mandalas and are made cotton... From overseas is it possible location with 24 hour reception, gift shop in Kathmandu, Marg! To Indra Chowk is the Asan Bazaar ( or Ason Tole ) which is said to be in Form. Savings there are restaurants and cafes and bars, said many of the remain! Monsoon and autumn situated nearby NAC building is a renowned shopping & Hang out destination located the! Our trek all our gear that we bought from Shonas was excellent in jawlakhel area to get an idea how! Ll find the official North Face shop in Kathmandu are Sunday – Saturday –!